Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revlon lippies and swatches.

Hola Muchachas !!!

Been out for a bit. Not feeling too well. The South Texas heat is not helping me either. But talking about make-up always brings a smile to my face and I hope it does to you too!
So on with the show.

I have been using Revlon since, well high school. I have not been disappointed with them, YET.
I have had these lippies for quite some time. I find these colors flattering with my fair complexion with yellow/peach undertones. I know there are many bloggers that have a gazillion of lippies (lucky them!) but due to my past experience with buying tons of lipsticks; I found I have wasted many $$$ buying lippies that I never use... beautiful colors that will go rancid after time. I do advice you that when you have an impulse to buy a lipstick, purchase a color YOU don't own. Or do swatches of your lippies and take the picture with your cellphone camera-- for reference !!! That's my money tip for the month. Have a good one!!! M.


Friday, July 17, 2009

L'oreal Lipsticks

L'oreal products can see been in just about everywhere. Walgreens, Walmart, and even at Ulta. This is convenient for you and me ! Why? Those catchy BOGO's !!! (buy one get one free promos)
Let's face it, there is nothing like saving a few dollars here and there ! Especially NOW. But quality is just as important as saving $$$. Which is why when it comes to lipsticks, L'oreal can't be beat !
They are creamy and long lasting. Granted shelling out 5-6$ for a tube of lipstick can be pricey for some, but in L'oreal's defense : It is worth it. The trick is to keep a look at those BOGO promos at your neighborhood Walgreens, CVS and even at ULTA. The same for their HIP line.
So, guess what??? ULTA IS HAVING A BOGO!!!! AND IT ENDS JULY 25!!!
Here are some swatches of my L'oreal Color Riche lipsticks. They are more on the pink/natural side, with the exception of Wild Plum and British Red. These colors are perfect for work and play. If you fancy a natural look I do recommend Earth Rose and Diane's Tuberose. Some swatches/colors look almost the same, but it is quite different once you apply it on your lips. Here are the swatches. Enjoy !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane Colorsticks

Jane cosmetics have proven themselves when it comes to : afford-ability and quality. Today I present "Jane Colorsticks- eyecolor and liner". Now, we might be abit intimidated with colorsticks (I was at the beginning). But these colosticks have proven to be more useful than not. When you are in a hurry and you dont have time to put eyeshadow on, these babies can truly cut down your make-up time. Sometimes, you want to give your eyeshadow color an extra boost. So, after having primed your lids, then using your desired colorstick: you will indeed see a remarkable difference (or improvement whichever way you want to see it) with your look. So, do give Jane cosmetics a "go". You might be surprised at how a drugstore brand is really able to compete with department store ones.

The Good: Depending where you live, a colorstick can set you back 5-6$ (affordable considering similar products out there are 3 times the price)
You can find Jane cosmetics at Walmart, Walgreens to name a few. You can find great deals at Walgreens for discounts on Jane products.

The Bad: Eventhough they DO have a decent selection ( they carry staple colors like green, brown, and black for example) They DO NOT have the bright colors that NYX Jumbo eye Pencil Offers (Ex. Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Orange). Eventhough you can find Jane Products at Walmart, you may find yourself out of luck that this particular product is out of stock. You may find yourself making an extra trip to Walgreens. The formula itself is a bit on the creamy side which can be good and bad. Bad if you have oily lids like me, good if you have dry lids.
The barrel itself is clear but, its a hard plastic. You need to be armed with a good cosmetic sharpener.
Here are some Jane Colorstick swatches. You can click it to see bigger picture.

Just an FYI

1. Mercury Rising: a taupe color in person.
2. Stormy: A dark green in person
3. Oh Yes: just the way its seen, "lime green"
4. True Original: a brown/bronze color.
5. Dream World: a soft white pearl color, perfect for highlighting.

Yay !


This is my first intro. Just to let you know that coming soon I will be posting swatches and reviews on cosmetics. I am thrilled to do this and I am looking forward to hear your opinions and thoughts.