Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RIMMEL LIPGLOSS: you will get the shine.

The Rimmel brand is one of those brands that you can either have a miss or hit when it comes to their products. But like any opinion, its just that : an opinion. And sometimes my friend, that opinion may ring true or false to you. Which brings me to the Rimmel "kiss off" lipgloss. Now, I was attracted to their lipgloss because of the colors they offer. Pinks, reds, peachy...sounds great, right? Well to tell you the truth, for the 3-5$ you will end up paying per lipgloss, it does what it supposed to do : make your lips shiny. They are quite concentrated for their price. My only complaint is "how" they feel on my lips. To me, it feels as if they are getting numbed. I hate that feeling. So to remedy it, I had to apply a lipbalm. I even experimented mixing it a little with my MAC clear lipglass, and it helps water down that numb feeling. If you are not a fan of their foundations, do check out their lipglosses. They do redeem themselves in that department.

PROS: great colors. price is reasonable
CONS: how it feels on my lips

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