Friday, August 14, 2009

Tropez Lipstick : well worth your attention.

Have you gone to Walgreens and boom you see this brand and you just absolutely ignore it? I must admit, I was like some of you. I happen to browse those nifty Walgreen's cosmetic specials and just happen to ignore this brand. So what was it that made me pay more close attention? It was the day that my spouse actually bought me a Tropez Ultra Glaze lipgloss. I was won over by their quality and color vibrancy. From there on, I ventured on a few other lippies I am so eager to introduce to you. Now, I don't want to over do this and tell you what their websites already inform you. But I will keep my review simple.

This brand so far I see it in Walgreens. Not in CVS, nor at Target, forget Walmart.
Their prices are reasonable. The lipsticks are around 2$
Quality wise, you get what you pay for. I don't mean this in a negative way either. Literally for the 2$ you pay for these lipsticks their quality is damn good. They stay on a long time. They won't make your lips dry like NYX round Lipsticks (I'll be reviewing NYX pretty soon). They are creamy and moisturizing just as they promise on their website.
They offer a decent selection for the price.
Their packaging is simple, but it works. (I'm not paying for a beautiful packaging, I am paying for their quality).

So next time you DO go to Walgreens and need a lipstick, do give Tropez beauty brand a "GO". They are truly worth your attention.

Luscious Flavors lippie: It does have a little scent, but not overpowering or bothersome. Color I bought "plum passion" is absolutely beautiful and dark. Great for those cool Halloween parties or even to blend other lipsticks with. I use it primarly to blend other colors.

Lip Sheen: If you want to give your lips a little depth without the over powering concentration of a regular lipstick, DO get the lip sheen. It says in their website that its both a liptick and gloss in one. To me it felt like a regular lipstick, just a bit extra creamier. Lipsheens are perfect to use for the day time or in my case to add depth to my lips. A VERY cheap way to make your lips look as if you had those lip injections !!!

Moisturizing Lipstick : Nice and creamy and the color payoff stellar!!!! The color I purchased "palatial pink" is one hell of a pink lipstick. Get this, PRONTO !!!

'til next time, budgetnistas!!!

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