Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wet and Wild lipliners: $1.00 Well spent.


There are many beauty products out there that I have payed a few dollars that I have ended up just throwing away, case in point : max factor cosmetics ( I won't get into which items cause then I'll get even MORE upset about literally flushing money down the toilet). There are some dollar items that are a true gem. Wet and Wild lip liners are without question is one of those few dollar items that you will ever cross that will not disappoint you. My very first lipliner from WnW was their all popular #666. It's been a staple of mine since 1996. Just as they promised, the lipliners are creamy and application is effortless ( no tugging). I have accumulated other lipliners, but after checking their website some of the swatches of the LL I have made, well I believe the colors have been discontinued. But in any case let me share you my swatches (click-able for your viewing pleasure) and a little description.

*** FYI -- I swatched the lipliners over 5 times so you can see the color, however the lipliners are quite buildable. You can achieve a natural or a strong "lipline" with the exception of : #713 and #715. ***

#664B : *this lipliner is no longer available -- they have now shade "663B"
This shade in real life look like a dark pinkish rose with a hint of shimmer. Real nice shade IMO.

#666: "Brandy Wine". In person the color is a pinkish bronze with a hint of shimmer.

#712: "Willow". A nice natural shade of soft brown with a hint of pink. Perfect lipliner for those days you want a natural "day time" look, shade is matte.

#713: *lipliner no longer available* A brick red lipliner, matte.

#714: *lipliner is no longer available, maybe they changed their name (?) They now have 714B* A gorgeous Rose Pink, one of my favorites. This lipliner can easily go with any pink lipstick you may own. Lipliner has a hint of shimmer.

#715: "Plumberry". Color is exactly as the name states, a very plummy color *hehe* Lipliner is matte.

Do give Wet and Wilp lipliners a try. You will be surprised at how well $1.00 can be spent.

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